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Three infants die in Tharparkar

MITHI: Three children died in Mithi city of Sindh’s desert district of Tharparkar on Saturday, ARY News reported.

The sources at Civil Hospital Mithi, where the children were being treated said that the deceased included three infants 16-day old Amna, 11-day old Ameen Samoon and 45-day’s Zaya Zahoor.

It should be noted that malnutrition, lack of proper healthcare facilities and scarcity of water are some of the factors pushing the children of Thar desert to death.

Scarce rainfall and the government’s inability to ensure food supplies in the arid region results in malnutrition of mothers which resulting in death of newborns in the region.

Thar desert, one of Pakistan’s poorest areas, has recently witnessed an alarming number of children suffering from pneumonia or diarrhea due to a dangerous mix of drought, poverty and poor health infrastructure.



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