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Front pages of TIME, NZ newspapers pay homage to Christchurch victims

The cover pages of TIME Magazine and several newspapers in New Zealand marked a week on Friday since the terror attacks on Christchurch’s mosques killed 50 Muslims on March 15.

The papers paid homage to victims on their front pages as well as with in their cartoons.

The front page of The Press, Christchurch and the South Island’s premier daily newspaper and news website, had ‘Salam’ written in Arabic with its English transliteration and translation written below.

Other newspapers including New Zealand Herald, The Dominion Post, Otago Daily Times and News Zealand Listener also paid tribute to the martyrs of the racial attacks.

The front page of the New Zealand Herald had an image of a mosque filled with hearts and read, “A call to prayer. In unity there is strength.”

Otago Daily Times’ front page read “A city united” with images of victims’ families.

The Dominion Post’s published names of all 50 martyrs and read, “1.32pm. Today we remember”.

Cover page of the New Zealand  Listener read “Not Alone” “Aftermath of Tragedy” with an image of two hands holding each other.

While the first page of The Nation published a picture of a female police officer wearing a headscarf and a rose standing on guard at the funeral service of the martyrs.

The cover of renowned International TIME magazine was also dedicated to all 50 martyrs of the Christchurch attacks.



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