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Tourist bangs his head on rocks after diving down a 30ft waterfall

A horrifying video showed a tourist, who dived off a 30 feet waterfall into a low-dept pool that is not more than 7 feet, smashed his head on rocks at a Russian resort.

A friend of the tourist was reportedly filming the moments on the rocks near the Black Sea city of Sochi.

WARNING: Video contains images that some viewers may find upsetting

The incident took place at Zmeikovskiye waterfalls where an unidentified middle-aged man plunged headfirst into the pool and a voice is heard saying he made a ‘beautiful’ dive, Dailymail UK reported.

tourist head on rocks diving waterfall video

But he evidently had no idea how shallow the water was. The water was discoloured with his blood after he emerged quickly to the surface. A female voice said that he banged his head.

tourist head on rocks diving waterfall video

The unknown diver escaped death in the incident, but he reportedly sustained multiple spine and head injuries after hitting rocky bottom. He was admitted to a local hospital with ‘serious traumas’.

tourist head on rocks diving waterfall video

Subscribers to a local social media group which shared the horror footage wished him speedy recovery, but many criticised him for attempting the dive.



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