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Shafiq fails to turn up at court as another case is registered against him

A new video surfaced which clearly depicted Shafiq as starting the brawl by punching the traffic policeman first. Shafiq had also smashed a car’s window as well. Shafiq also failed to turn up at court today as another case was registered in court against him today.

As can be seen clearly from the footage, Shafiq was the first one who pushed and punched the traffic police official. The policeman fell over a bike as a result of the shove. By then, other officials arrived on the scene and began thrashing Shafiq.

Earlier during the day, it was reported that a citizen named Mohammad Shafiq and traffic police officials reportedly exchanged heated words when the wardens stopped him from parking his vehicle in the no-parking zone.

Shafiq argued that he would only move his motorcycle if several other vehicles, parked in the no-parking zone, were removed.

The situation intensified and Shafiq found himself on the receiving end of a thrashing. He was repeatedly hit with a helmet and kicked by the wardens.

He was arrested and shifted to Civil Lines Police Station where several charges were framed against him including damage to public property and attacking on-duty officer.

A mob tried to storm the police station. The police carried out aerial firing to disperse the crowd.

Shafiq was released on bail. His lawyer said that the bail would not not have been possible if the media had not highlighted the issue.



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