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Train carrying oil tankers catches fire after colliding with semi-truck in Texas

A  massive explosion was caused following the collision between a train carrying oil tankers and an 18-wheeler outside the town of Cameron near Highway 190 of Texas.

The incident took place on Tuesday morning in central Texas when Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) train carrying oil tankers collided with the semi-truck. Fortunately, the train conductor and the truck driver survived without sustaining major injuries.

It sparked a fire that burned down at least one home near the tracks, Cameron police said.


train collision semi-truck texas fire oil tankers

It appeared that the semi-truck turned sharply to avoid a car at the crossing before it T-boned the train and was deflected, Dailymail UK quoted the authorities. According to BSNF official,  the official cause of the collision is still under investigation.

Milam County Sheriff Chris White said the crash was initially labeled a ‘hazmat situation’ because the train was carrying hazardous materials – including a sulfuric acid tank. But investigators determined that the cars with those materials were unaffected in the crash ‘by the grace of God’, White said.

He added that a team had already gone in to move the materials away from the blaze.

Homes in the area were evacuated and authorities urged the public to steer clear of the highway as they continue working to bring the fire under control.

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the scene, including the Cameron Volunteer Fire Department, Temple and Rosebud fire departments and the DPS.



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