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Twitter trolls target Rishi Kapoor after India’s humiliating defeat

An excess of anything can be bad, as with the case of egotistical attitude that can be detrimental as well humiliating at the same time. Veteran Indian actor Rishi Kapoor perhaps experienced it after tweeting offensively against Pakistan ahead of the Champions Trophy final against India.

Confident in the strong batting lineup, the Indian cricket fans had developed belief that they were invincible against the green shirts.

Having an edge on Pakistan after defeating the team with 124 runs at Birmingham on June 4, the Indian cricket fans started out underestimating the green shirts and building immense psychological pressure on eve of the final of the tournament between the arch rivals Pakistan and India.

Kapoor was one of the Indian cricket fans who took to twitter and heaped praise on the India’s impressive batting lineup while mocking the Pakistani cricket team in arrogance.

His initial tweet was: “Congratulations Pakistan! You enter finals? Wow! Good to see you wearing our colour BLUE! Get ready to be BLUED now! We will BLUE you away!”

However, his tweet appeared once again with an exaggerated degree of emotions, mocking the Pakistan cricket team, only to evoke backlash from Pakistan fans.

The Bollywood star was full of overconfidence which landed him in hot waters. He would not have been trolled this much, if he had not mocked Pakistan by underestimating the green shirts.


As India clinched a victory against Bangladesh by becoming the second finalist to face arch-rival Pakistan in the final on June 18, Kapoor took to twitter by stating, “We don’t need to say anything more! Tradition of destroying the opposition, as has always been the case, will continue! Blues are invincible!”

However, in his latest tweet, the veteran actor has congratulated the Pakistani team for their victory in the final of the ICC champions trophy after conceding the Indian defeat.



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