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Two members of amusement park management arrested for negligence in ride collapse incident

KARACHI: Two members of the amusement park’s management have been arrested on Sunday for alleged negligence in the ride collapse incident in Karachi on Sunday, while the Sindh government has announced to close all amusement parks across the province for three days.

The arrest was made on directive of Sindh Governor Muhammed Zubair, while taking notice of the incident .

He has sought comprehensive report from the commissioner Karachi, the additional inspector general Sindh Police.

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Meanwhile, an investigation committee has been formed headed by the deputy commissioner East.

The Sindh governor also directed the authorities to provide over-the-top healthcare to the injured.

Sindh Chief Secretary Azam Suleman has directed to shut down all the amusement parks across the province for three days till technical inspection was completed.

One girl died and 18 other people got injured as an amusement park swing ride collapsed near Old Sabzi Mandi in Karachi on Sunday.

One eye witness said the Chair-O-Planes in the newly-inaugurated park fell while people were aboard it, turning the night of joy for the victim families into nightmare. Rescue sources identified the dead girl as Kashaf, daughter of Abdul Samad.



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