U.S. denies Kerry Lugar aid to Pakistan in 2013

WASHINGTON: Spokeswoman of the United States (US) State Department Jen Psaki has said that Pakistan did not receive any aid under the Kerry Lugar Bill in 2013, ARY News reports.

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Jen Psaki, addressing a news briefing in Washington, said that the possibility of Pakistan not receiving any financial assistance cannot be ruled out.

“There are different ways of Pakistan receiving aid from the United States”, Psaki said.

The spokeswoman of the US State Department added that it is in the interest of the United States that Pakistan receives financial aid.

It should be noted that a spokesman of Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry had said that the United States had approved $532 million of foreign aid to Pakistan under the Kerry Lugar Bill on which India had linked the aid to the terrorist factions in her neighboring state.

Psaki, expressing concerns on the cross border tensions between Pakistan and India, said that the United States is surveying the matter and will support the negotiations between the two countries to resolve the issue.

State Department spokeswoman, commenting on the upcoming tour of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Pakistan, said that the final dates cannot be announced as yet.

“US has close contacts with Pakistan over anti-terrorism and security affairs and Kerry’s tour will be discussed with the authorities”, she said.

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U.S. denies Kerry Lugar aid to Pakistan in 2013

by Raza Haidery