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Uber launches rickshaw service in Lahore

Uber, the ride-hailing service has now also launched a rickshaw service in Lahore. Now, the three-wheeler is just at the tap of a button to reach your doorstep.

The UberAuto service will provide the service in the rickshaw, which is a cheap and preferable mode of transport in the country.

Uber Pakistan has also launched a selfie contest with the #UberAuto if anyone see a UberPink rickshaw in the city, and will offer a credit galore to the winner.

The global ride-sharing service was launched in Karachi on 25th August but is currently facing stiff competition from Careem. The minimum fare for UberGO is Rs150, while its per kilometer charges are Rs9.38 and per minute Rs2.00.

Uber which is based in more than sixty countries and 250 cities around the world was launched in Pakistan from Lahore in March earlier this year as part of market penetration strategy in the region.

This is also not expected to increase the customer base as it will be cheaper than the cars currently offered. It will also expected to compete with local startups such Rixi and Go Rickshaw.

However, Uber launched a similar service in India last year but it was suspended after eight months




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