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UFO hunters shocked after spotting bizarre orb shape on Google Earth

Many conspiracy theorists went into a frenzy online after bizarre footage emerged on Google Earth which shows what appears to be an alien spaceship.

The clip has been uploaded on YouTube channel UFOmania, and shows an orb seen floating above trees on the border between Vermont and New York state.

The coordinates of a location have been typed into the mapping system to bring up East Lake George in New York state. The street view angles about until it zooms in on a strange dark shape in the blue sky.

The object is difficult to make out but appears to be a dark black shape suspended in the air – or just a smudge on the camera lense.

The video narrator says: “Here is a UFO found on Google Earth today.

“Many past UFO reports described round sphere UFOs and it does seem to be the most common shape around the world.”

She said all the previous UFOs she had found on Street View had been deleted.

The footage has attracted plenty of comments. One viewer wrote: “We need to keep an open mind,” while another added that “Everyone knows UFOs are a fact and not a maybe.”

“An excellent find, this is pretty cool work,” said another.

However, some who found the clip were far more cynical. One commenter added: “It’s a drop of water. Such a large object would have been seen by the people on the mountain.”

Another said: “Completely fake. The coordinates don’t take you somewhere else. When you look around there is nothing there.”

A third wrote: “Not very convincing Kind of looks like it’s out of place like it was photoshopped into me but I’m not an expert.”

On a previous occasion, the Google search tool captured a mysterious shape in the Parana Delta in Argentina.



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