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Man on holiday films UFO behind strange cloud formation

A 53 year old man on vacation claims to have filmed an Un-Identified flying object hidden behind a thick covering of clouds in Phuket, Thailand.

Darren Blakeley, 53, captured the video from his phone of a red bowl-shaped cloud formation in Laguna, Phuket, Thailand on April 22.

What seems like a solitary floating mass ominously lit up with what appeared to be forks of lightning flashing inside it in an otherwise clear sky.

The phone footage shows pedestrians enamored by what was transpiring before them as they were left awestruck pointing fingers and their camera phones towards the strange phenomenon.

The 54-second clip which has since gone ‘viral’ on the internet have many likening it to a scene from box office smash hit Avengers: Endgame.

Online fitness guru Darren, from New Zealand who too was one of the people present at the time of the occurrence said: “I started filming as I remember thinking ‘this is crazy interesting’ and that I’d never seen anything like it.

“I believe the off things in the sky are UFOs. Everyone was entranced by what they saw, no-one was talking – they were just awestruck.

“A single cloud formation with no other clouds in the sky drifted through the area, it had lightning appearing within the cloud with occasional thunder.

“This was the only cloud in the sky at that time and it was moving quite quickly.”

“It wasn’t until after I filmed it and watched the video back that I saw all the strange light activity. It [looks like] it could be something out of a movie.”

Ecstatic over the video’s popularity over the internet Darren continued: “The amazing thing was the weather was calm all around except for this one cloud – otherwise the weather was still and clear.”

“When the cloud moved away it was just still and clear the way it was before the cloud arrived.”

Many have come out of the woodwork claiming it to be something supernatural with a plethora of alien theories and some naysayers to the possibility.

Some users were quizzical over the video’s likeness to a scene from Avengers and left comments like ‘End Game’ beneath it on social media.



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