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UFO fears: Onlookers stunned by mysterious lights changing formation in night sky

Mysterious glowing lights changing formation in the night sky over three separate counties of Texas across an 80-mile radius stunned the onlookers besides sparking fears of a possible unidentified flying object (UFO).

The footage of the sightings in the south of the Duncanville city pushed astronomers into discussions regarding the mysterious lights sighed by a flurry of witnesses from multiple sites.

ufo mysterious lights formation night sky footage

A retail manager Javier Estrada III filmed the footage said, “What I saw mesmerised me. I was visiting family for my grandma’s birthday and happened to look up. I saw glowing lights hovering real slow and that’s when I knew it was something out of the ordinary – not scary, just crazy to look at.”

“I do believe in extraterrestrials so the first thing that came to mind was a UFO. As soon as I saw it, I was starstruck – it seemed so real. I wouldn’t mind having aliens come to visit but knowing us in the USA we will probably attack them first,” quoted by Mirror UK.

In the video, four lights are visible in the starry sky, shifting from a kite-like formation to a square one, before drifting apart and out of view. Two more lights then come into view before the clip ends. They could have been drones.

People from a total of eight different areas in and around the city claimed to witness the glowing lights. The sightings were made mainly towards the south, with many describing the lights as forming a “straight line.”

ufo mysterious lights formation night sky footage

Onlookers also reported the phenomenon in Allen, to the north of the city, and Granbury, to the southwest – which are separated by a distance that would take nearly two hours to drive.

Some people suggested the display was caused by drones or Chinese lanterns while others turned to aliens or conspiracy theories and other speculated satellites or weather balloons.

However, nobody ventured an explanation as to how they were spotted in places so far apart, though nobody offered any tracking data.



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