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The ‘unimaginable’ has happened in ‘Ghisi Piti Mohabbat’

So the unimaginable has finally happened in ‘Ghisi Piti Mohabbat’ as Ramsha Khan’s character Samia has parted ways with Wahaj Ali’s Rizwan.

Yes, the drama already making news for its witty dialogues and avant-garde satire, has fans shocked with its episode 10 has Wahaj Ali’s character Rizwan not only confessed before his wife Samia that he has stolen all the gold owned by her for another woman (Noor) but also divorced her on phone as the episode ended; though things also didn’t go well for the social media “star” too.

Not only that, Rizwan’s typical argument of how he “loves” Noor but wants to keep Samia as his wife has fans in awe of dialogues that aptly showed the mindset of such boys.

Moments after divorcing Samia, Wahaj Ali’s character perhaps received the greatest shock of his life as his hopes of marrying the vamp Noor (played brilliantly by Arjumand Rahim) came crashing down as he saw her whole gang gossiping in the very restaurant where he divorced Samia.

The comments on social media are all one needs to see to get an idea of how fans are loving ‘Ghisi Piti Mohabbat’ as a perfect satire Pakistani television needed for a long time.



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