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UNSC meeting on IoK has proved that Kashmir is not a bilateral issue: Zulfi Bukhari

LONDON: Kashmiri community observed black day on Indian independence day, nearly 20,000 protestors, waving Pakistani, Kashmiri and Khalistan flags, gathered outside the Indian High Commission London, as Aldwych area of Central London came to a complete halt, ARY News reported.

Protestors belonging to different nationalities and races came together to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir and against Narendra Modi’s decision to scrap the special status of Jammu & Kashmir.

Several former and sitting British Parliamentarians including Khalid Mahmood MP, Lord Nazir Ahmed, Muhammad Yasmeen MP, Liam Byrne MP, George Galloway, Shabana Mahmood MP and others addressed the protestors.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Imran Khan Zulfi Bukhari especially traveled from Pakistan to attend the event, during his speech he said “This man (Narendra Modi) who India worships as the biggest democracy of the world, was in American hit list as a terrorist, he was not allowed to travel to the United States before he became Prime Minister”

“Modi spent millions of dollars to try to clean up his image just for one “Jalsa” in Madison Square Garden, why? Because he was a terrorist” said Zulfi Bukhari, he added: “2002, two thousand Muslims were massacred, women raped by the butcher of Gujrat, we stand here today for one thing only that is the rights of the Kashmiri people, nothing more.”

Talking to ARY News exclusively after his speech Zulfi Bukhari appealed the United Nations to act on Kashmir, he said: “UN should realise its the biggest human rights violation in the world and UN Security Council’s meeting should not only be a discussion, there should be a swift action, UN Security council’s call for meeting on Kashmir has proved that Kashmir is not a bilateral issue anymore”.

Parliamentarians condemned India’s decision to revoke special status of occupied Kashmir, along with a communications blackout and curbs on movement.

Lord Nazir Ahmed said: “why the Muslim world is silent, send a message to Saudi Arabia that they should not invest 72 Billion Dollars in India, send a message to OIC that your silence is hypocrisy.”

Anchor Person Waseem Badami also attended the protest and shared his views during the speech “Narendra Modi will fall in his own trap and Kashmiri will soon get their basic right, which is the right of self-determination”, said Waseem Badami, he criticised the Modi Government and called it a fascist regime.

Member parliament Shabana Mahmood said in her speech: “The British government has a responsibility to make sure that we have a leading role in solving this issue.” Muhammad Yasmeen MP also demanded the British Government to play an effective role in solving the Kashmir dispute.

Scotland Yard said the planned demonstration was “largely peaceful” but officers had to respond to a small number of incidents. More than 300 police security officers were on duty and four people were arrested on suspicion of affray, possession of an offensive weapon, breaching the public order act and obstruction of police.



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