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US decides to free Pakistani suspect from Gitmo prison

According to ARY News Washington correspondent,  a Pakistani prisoner Ahmed Rabbani will be released on September 1 after a brief explanatory session. Rabbani was reportedly arrested in 2002 over his alleged links to Al-Qaeda. He was considered a foreigner.

Sources say that Rabbani could be handed over to Pakistan through Saudi authorities.

According to his Gitmo file, Rabbani was born in Saudi Arabia and is of Burmese decent and prior to traveling to Pakistan in 1991, he lived in Saudi Arabia for about 23 years but never obtained Saudi citizenship. Detainee was expelled from Saudi Arabia for numerous alcohol-related arrests in three different countries.

Explaining reasons for his continued detention, Rabbani’s file had declared that he is assessed as a high level Al-Qaeda facilitator with close ties to the highest levels of Al-Qaeda leadership. Rabbani worked directly for KU-10024 and provided support to multiple Al-Qaeda-sponsored terrorist operations throughout the greater Middle East and possibly the US while maintaining several
safe houses in Karachi.

The file further states that the Pakistani prisoner admitted attending basic and advanced training at extremist camps.




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