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Veena Malik announces return to Pakistan and a comeback!

Yes, the controversial Pakistani actress has promised to stage a full fledged comeback in the entertainment industry and has announced her return to Pakistan in April next month!

The controversial actress was in Dubai with her husband and newborn son, adjusting to the new life roles of wife and mother. Speaking to a local source, Veena stated that she had decided to stage a comeback and planned to return to Pakistan in April this year. She also disclosed that she had been approached for multiple projects related to TV and films but she hadn’t approved any as of yet. Veena was also of the view that since she had been blessed with two new roles; as a wife and a mother, she had to take important decisions of her life based on sound thinking and much deliberation.

Veena also commented on the recent status of Lollywood and exclaimed her happiness at the high level films being made inside Pakistan. She also expressed her desire to work in a Pakistani film of high caliber and worthiness. Veena also voiced her desire to start production of movies and TV shows with her husband anytime in the near future. Veena also stated that she had been offered quite a few projects from Bollywood and chance are she might say yes to them, prompting her to go to India briefly after she arrives in Pakistan. The sultry actress also reaffirmed her desire to participate in social activities as she wanted to giver her fans and well wishers something back in return. In answer to a question asked from her, Veena thanked God for giving her the chance of becoming a mother.

Veena has previously earned criticism for a nude photo shoot she shot in India and sported an ISI tattoo on her arm. Her Bollywood movies contained racy scenes which raised quite a hue and cry from her native country. It remains to be seen in whcih projects Veena Malik stars in, however, one thing is definitely certain; where Veena goes, controversy follows!



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