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VIDEO: Ayub Khosa has the right cure for cellphone addiction

Renowned actor and director Ayub Khosa has got the right solution for turning e-social gathering into a real life assembly, ARY News reported.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the Operation 021 actor, who is known for lightheartedness and jolly personality, can be seen sitting with his friends and peers at a restaurant.

All are still busy with their mobile phones while sitting in a gathering at a public place, which prompts Khosa to do this. “Bro give me your mobile, you too please and brother give me your phone as well and this is mine,” he says while snatching the phones from their hands and puts all including his own in a plastic bag.

“Bro be present in the meeting and eat food… you all are engaged with mobile phones,” he says before snatching mobile phone of the last man who is filming all this.

It is a common sight in company of families, friends or office colleagues that every individual gets absorbed in social media, on screens of their handsets. Khosa’s act would serve as guidance for such assemblies next time.

Apart from several Pakistani flicks and dramas, Khosa has also worked in Bollywood’s ‘Welcome to Karachi’.

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