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Video of ‘incredibly beautiful’ blue snake coiling around red rose goes viral

Nature is filled with beautiful creatures that never fail to mesmerise humans. A video, which is now being widely shared by many, captures such a magnificent creature of nature – a blue snake.

The 12-second clip was posted on Twitter by user @planetpng with the caption, “The incredibly beautiful Blue Pit Viper.”

 Blue pit viper is the rare blue variety of the white-lipped island pit viper. The species is found in Indonesia and East Timor.

Look but don’t touch! This snake is not a creature you would want to mess with.

No matter how beautiful blue pit vipers appear, they are dangerously venomous. The island-dwelling snake is known to be an aggressive predator.

They have a ‘hemorrhagic’ venom, which can cause pain, swelling, necrosis of the flesh, and severe bleeding, both internally and externally. Once the venom has done its job, the reptiles use their fangs to grab their meal.



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