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VIDEO: Chimpanzee who smokes 20 cigarettes a day becomes star of North Korean zoo

PYONGYANG: A North Korean zoo is currently under fire for ‘chain-smoking’ chimpanzee who smokes at least a pack a day.

The 19-year-old female chimpanzee named Azalea, which translates to “Dallae” in Korean, smokes about 20 cigarettes every day, encouraged by zoo staff.

Thrown a lighter by a trainer, the chimpanzee lights her own cigarettes. If a lighter isn’t available, she can light up from lit cigarette if one is tossed her way.


The Animal Legal Defense Fund slammed the zoo for the disturbing show, saying it was a cheap selling point to “attract gawkers”.

“They are made to do unnatural and freakish things to attract gawkers.

“The good news is that the civilised world is moving away from this, like the gradual elimination of orcas from places like Seaworld.”

According to officials at the Pyongyang zoo, Azalea doesn’t inhale the smoke.




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