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VIDEO: Man busy on phone drives his scooter right into giant sinkhole in China

SHANGHAI: A shocking video clip has emerged showing how a man, who was busy talking on the phone, fell right into a massive sinkhole.

According to Shanghaiist, the hole was 32-feet wide and 6-feet deep. It was also reported that the man wasn’t seriously injured in the accident, and actually climbed out of the hole himself.

The shocking incident took place on Guangxi road in China, a scooter drove right into a massive sinkhole that had suddenly formed.

Sharing the video on Facebook, the page captioned it: “Massive sinkhole opens up on Guangxi road, oblivious scooter rider falls right in.” The footage has garnered more than 78,000 views and about 1,500 likes.


In January this year, a woman fell down an open basement door while she was busy texting while walking.

Surveillance video captured the woman as she walked along Somerset street in Plainfield. At first she seems aware of her surroundings even glancing at a store as she walked by.

But seconds later, the woman got distracted when she appeared to be texting on her phone. Two passerby woman also looked in horror as the woman fell into the basement access doors.





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