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VIDEO: Cow ruthlessly attacks man in India

SURAT, India: A horrible scene was recorded on camera in India when a stray cow went berserk and seriously injured a motorcyclist in Surat.

The angry cow came in front of Prajapati, a resident of adjoining area, and he lost control on the vehicle. The cow continued to attack the youth for more than 20 minutes, before the youth gathered courage to escape when other residents were trying to rescue him.

According to eyewitnesses, the stray cow suddenly attacked Prajapati, who was passing from the society.

“The cow first attacked his motorcycle and the youth fell on the ground. It started hitting him with its horns. The youth was lucky that he skidded towards the big wall in the society and the cow had got tired of hitting him with horns.


The man remained at the wall for a long time, when we pelted stones and attacked the cow with sticks,” they said.

“No one dared to go near the cow as she was very angry. The residents living on the upper floors of the society threw water on the animal.

Cow attack

Suddenly, it moved forward to attack another person standing nearby, but he got away from the spot on time,” they added.

The incident occurred around couple of months ago.

A resident of the area said, “We have been facing stray cow menace for a long time. There are cowsheds outside our society and the Rabari community members are very ferocious. We can’t even shoo away the cows, fearing their retaliation.”


(WARNING: Some viewers may find the following footage disturbing)



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