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VIDEO: Giraffe steals woman’s ice cream by poking head into car

HODENHAGEN, Germany:  A German family had a funny-yet-bizarre experience of encountering a group giraffes at a safari park.

They were driving through the park and captured video of a hungry giraffe putting its head inside the vehicle to steal an ice cream cone.

Torsten Stroebl posted a video to Instagram showing the giraffe putting its head inside his family’s vehicle at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen.

Stroebl said the windows of the vehicle were open so he and his family could interact with some friendly zebras, and the giraffe apparently took the open windows as an invitation.

The video shows the giraffe stealing the top of the ice cream cone being held by Stroebl’s wife, Melanie, and attempting to grab the rest of the cone with its tongue.



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