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VIDEO: Indian doctor seeks divorce from wife by re-enacting Sholay suicide scene

An unusual movie-like scene was captured at a town in Indian state, Telanga, when a doctor climbed a mobile tower and threatened to jump, only because he wanted a divorce.

His bizarre act reminded onlookers and thousands of viewers on social media of of the famous scene from ‘Sholay’ movie of Dharmendra climbing atop a water tank, but to woo Hema Malini.

A scene from Sholay

The man, identified as Dr Ajay Kumar, climbed a mobile phone tower demanding divorce from his wife. They were married seven years ago have a four-year-old daughter. His wife Lasya had earlier filed harassment case against him, but she withdrew it later. He claimed this as a reason for demanding a divorce.

doctor climb tower

Kumar sent the whole town into a frenzy as he hauled up on the tower for four hours! The police were notified and they rushed to the spot to calm him down. He threw a letter from the tower to explain his situation.

Finally, after hours of discussion, the police convinced him to come down and his wife signed the divorce papers there in front of the authorities.



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