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VIDEO: Man bites a UK police dog during arrest

LONDON: A man was caught on camera biting on a head and ear of police dog during violent arrest by the cops.

Reports said a German Shepherd Theo was sent out after a man refused to surrender to police following a chase through Hyde in Greater Manchester in June.

He was seen kicking out at Theo the police dog as he tried to help police arrest the man. He abandoned his car and ran off on foot before Theo managed to stop him, but the man could be seen repeatedly kicking the police dog.

The footage then shows a second man appearing, who is heard arguing with PC Gareth Greaves and shouting at the man to “bite his ear off”.


The man being tackled by Theo clamps his teeth onto the dog’s ear and head, while PC Greaves attempts to pull him away.

Back up officers arrive soon after and the two men are detained.


PC Greaves said the tussle lasted around seven minutes – and the clip doesn’t show the man kicking both Theo and himself to the floor.

He was left with a broken hand and injuries to his lip following the incident, while Theo couldn’t lie down for four days and suffered a head wound.



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