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VIDEO: This man chopped off a tree to steal bicycle

Can you imagine that a man, a hell-bent thief instead, going to extreme lengths to steal a bike – by chopping down the tree it was chained to? Yes, it happened in Changsha city, in central China’s Hunan Province.

The clip shows the man is approaching the bicycle, which appears to be safely tied to the tree.

He then appears to take out a saw and begins hacking away at the tree trunk, but doesn’t seem to make much progress.


After briefly returning to his vehicle, the man comes back to the tree for one last attempt at cutting it down.

Amazingly, he is successful and the tree crashes to the ground.

He then quickly unhooks the bike from the tree trunk, throws it onto the back of his vehicle and heads off down the street.

Now, what’s going to be a solution to this extremely unusual mode of crime? Share your opinion in the comments section below.



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