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VIDEO: Om Puri lashes out at ‘war-mongering’ Indians on live TV show

NEW DELHI: Veteran Indian actor Om Puri has blasted the Indian government for imposing ban on Pakistan artists in the country in the wake of recent border tensions.

In a recent television interview, Mr. Puri faced strong backlash from the host of Indian TV show and other guests in the programme for stressing that ‘war is no solution’.

When the host repeatedly crammed Mr. Puri with questions and didn’t provide him a space to answer and forced him to condemn the killing of Indian soldier along the border. The Indian actor expressed his condemnation on the death of soldier, but the TV host didn’t end up here and stated: “You should be shameful on your earlier remarks about Indian army… we thought you’re a sane and respectful person, but we were mistaken.”

Om Puri got raged and responded: “Who had asked the soldiers to join the army? Who told them to pick the weapons?”

He further said: “Do you want India-Pakistan enmity to turn like Israel and Palestine, and fight for ages? India is home to crores of Muslims, there is no point in proving them for war. Several Indians have their relatives staying across the border and vice-versa, how can they fight a war with their cross-border families”.

However the programme guests and moderator were not satisfied with Om Puri speaking of fence-mending and they continued to bash the veteran actor.

In the end, Mr. Puri left out of the show in protest, saying: “… you can prepare 15-20 human suicide bombers in India and send them to Pakistan for the blasts….(that may satisfy your souls)”.



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