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VIDEO: Heart-stopping moment as passenger plane struck by lightning after take-off

A dramatic footage has been shared online showing a bolt of lightning is shown hitting the nose of the daily flight from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to the Peruvian capital of Lima.

Amazingly, the Boeing 777-300ER continued unperturbed, landing at Lima airport on its scheduled time.

plane lightning

The commercial carrier suffered a direct lightning hit – just moments after launching into the skies.

In fact, as reported by RT.com, the plane is said to have landed on-time at Lima airport some 12 hours and 40 minutes later.

The footage, which was sourced by Valk Aviation, was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday and amassed over one lac views in just one day.

plane lightning

According to experts, in an average year any given airliner can expect to be struck at least once on its travels.

Typically, those on board often fail to notice that the plane has been hit at all, or experience nothing more than a quick flash.



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