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VIDEO: Rare two-headed turtle born in Thailand

two-headed turtle

BANGKOK: A baby turtle born with two heads in Thailand is capturing attention of people who happen to live in the surrounding alongside thousands others on the internet.

Nong Somjai of Nonthaburi shared a video of the 3-month old slider turtle scampering across her floor.


Somjai said she named the two-headed turtle Michelangelo.

“I have had a lot of turtles but this is the first time I’ve had one like this. I knew about them but had never seen them,” Somjai said.

Turtle two-headed

“I breed turtles to sell and a lot of people have been interested in this but I think we might keep him as he’s very special.”

“People think that turtles are slow but no, just look at the video of how fast he goes,” she said.

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VIDEO: Rare two-headed turtle born in Thailand

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