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Kids destroy expensive cosmetics of makeup artist, video goes viral

A video shared by a makeup artist has gone viral after being posted on TikTok which showed how her children destroyed expensive cosmetics and skincare products worth hundreds of pounds on New Year’s Eve.

A makeup artist, Jaylynn Butler, from Wisconsin filmed the destruction caused by her kids in the bathroom while playing with her expensive cosmetics and skincare items even the products which had not been used yet.

The mother was left in tears as the children had not only ruined the makeup items except a few but also caused a lot of mess in the house by pouring lotions, potions and nail polish all over the sink and countertops and rubbing coloured eyeshadow into the carpet.


She captioned her first two posts, saying, “How did 2020 end for me, you ask?”

TikTok users were horrified by the chaos after watching the video she posted on TikTok which showed pink, green and yellow stains on the carpet and a sink full of wasted makeup.

She said, “This is what I get for being nice mommy. I’m a makeup artist so yeah I was a little distraught to see my hard-earned money in the sink,” Mirror UK reported.

In a second video, the mum further explains what happened, while clearing up the mess.

viral video kids expensive cosmetics makeup artist

She says: “Was the night of New Year’s Eve and my kids were effin busy. All of my makeup and skincare in the sink, destroyed. This is so heartbreaking. My heart is broken right now. Spare the rod, spoil the child… now I understand what they meant.”



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