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Viral video: Tourists baffled after watching leopard playing with humans

A video has gone viral on social media platforms which showed a leopard playing with humans in Tirthan Valley of India’s Himachal Pradesh state.

It showed that the tourists stopped their cars after watching the predator walking close to them.

Later, the leopard was seen climbing on and playing with a man wearing a Himachali cap. The man was seen as very cautious while standing close to the dangerous animal.

People who have gathered around the road come out of their vehicles and started filming the moment which was later shared on social media platforms.

viral video tourists leopard humans predator

In the second video from a different angle, the leopard is also doing the same to another man.

The Twitter user assumed that the hungry animal was actually asking for a piece of meat hungry but the humans could not notice its need and started playing and clicking photos.



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