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Here’s what an astrologer predicts about Virat-Anushka in future and it’s not good news

The marriage of ace cricketer Virat Kohli with Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma is talk of the town since they finally tied the knot yesterday after months of rumours surrounding the lovebirds. But there is always a villain (sometimes masqueraded as hero) in every love story) and it looks to be an astrologer here.

While the couple’s fans are in a state of feverish excitement, astrologers have predicted that the marriage will bring more success and happiness to Virat and Anushka.  However, they warn, that,

“…there might be disputes, if they do not balance their professional and personal lives, and this will eventually lead to disharmony.”

Astrologer Malav Bhatt, according to a report by India TV, was says that,

“…there is a possibility of emotional conflict between the two, which will cause mental disturbances.”

He also added that planets will play a key role in the success of their marriage and that the coming two years are crucial.

Anushka Virat astrologer

Virat and Anushka have been dating for several years. The couple’s adorable photos on social media have always made their fans hearts melt and the one of their wedding drew millions of heart-warming comments. They wedding day was the top trend on Twitter with a hashtag “VirushkaWedding”.



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