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Wapda determined to elevate Hub Dam storage, for augmented water needs of Pakistan

LAHORE: The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) has taken a verdict to augment the Hub Dam storage, in order to cater elevated water requirements of Pakistan and to facilitate the Pakistan’s economy.

A meeting was held on Wednesday, chaired by Lieutenant General (retired) Muzammil Hussain, Wapda Chairman and also attended by other constituents.

According to details, it is observed that a resolution was passed in the meeting to elevate the Hub Dam water storage capacity, so as to provide ample remuneration to Sindh and Balochistan. Furthermore, it was commonly determined to lift up the Hub Dam’s missing storage capacity of around 49,000-acre-feet of water by eliminating sediment deposits in the basin.

A statement from Wapda stated, “Live storage capacity of the reservoir will be enhanced by removing the material deposits lying between the dead storage level (276 feet) and the normal conservation (339 feet) along the reservoir periphery.”

This Hub Dam was constructed in 1981 crosswise Hub river, the length is of 56 km northeast of Karachi and was arranged likely to deliver 102 million gallons of water (MGD) to Sindh and 59 MGD to Balochistan.

According to previous details, at the time of newly constructed dam, its storage capacity was around 760,000-acre-feet which has now diminished to 646,000-acre-feet.

The dam’s concept papers states, it has the prospective to generate electricity from hydroelectric power, around 1.4 megawatts of electricity can be generated from the Hub Dam by installation of two power turbines of 0.4-megawatt capacity, and technically an annual generation of 5.85 million units of electricity can be produced.

The pertinent officers are ordered to arrange probable report, consisting comprehensive engineering drawing and tender credentials in order to proceed with this decision.



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