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Waseem Akhtar calls for ‘targeted development’ in Karachi

KARACHI: Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar has called for carrying out city’s development on immediate basis, underlining that the masses are ‘in difficulties’ owing to persisting civic issues.

Speaking to media outside Sindh Assembly, he said actions had already been planned, now it’s time for targeted development.

Akhtar appealed the prime minister, chief minister Sindh and other relevant stake holders to consider his request for Karachi development plan.

He said those who voted him to mayorship expected of him to do better for Karachi. He said a practice of giving different [inappropriate] titles to MQM founder should now end.

Akhtar thanked PPP chairperson Bilawal Bhutto for raising voice for his release and also appealed him to invoke constitutional provisions for upgrading Karachi’s infrastructure.

He regretted that it’s been a long time that the provincial capital was not being given heed.

Mayor Karachi arrives at Sindh Assembly by arynews



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