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WATCH: Astronauts play zero-gravity badminton match in space

It’s not been so long that astronauts started sharing interactive posts for earthlings from the vast universe in the recent past.

Recently, Mark T Vade Hei, a NASA astronaut, challenged people by posting a picture along with the caption: “Can you find the space-walker’s legs in this photo?,” a Russian astronaut Anton Shkaplerov rode a vaccum cleaner in space on people’s demand.

Astronauts badminton match space

Taking their online game one notch higher, astronauts recently shared a thrilling clip of the first zero-gravity space badminton tournament.

Astronauts badminton match space

Held by the participants of the international space expedition on board the International Space Station (ISS), ASA’s Joseph Akaba, JAXA’s Norishige Kanai and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Misurkin and Anton Shkaplerov were seen playing the game.

The crew played a doubles match as part of a project to show their life in a zero gravity zone, according to a Russia Today report.




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