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WATCH: BBC reporter ‘attacked’ by lemurs at zoo in hilarious video

A BBC reporter was caught in a hilarious moment while reporting from zoo and suddenly got mobbed by a group of lemurs.

Alex Dunlop was trying to film a report at Banham Zoo in Norfolk but found himself unable to evade the attentions of the eager lemurs.

The video, shared on Twitter, shows the funny footage from the BBC Look East reporter’s struggle with the aggressive primates.

BBC reporter lemurs

At the start of the clip the animals are resting on Dunlop’s shoulder as their comrades leap around the zoo.

The journalist’s efforts to report on the zoo’s annual stock take of animals were consistently thwarted by the excitable lemurs who bit his hand more than once.

BBC reporter lemurs

On one attempt at filming the piece to camera he can only get out ‘I’m at the…’ before he is bitten, cursing the ‘little nipper’ on his shoulder.

But he did not seem to mind too much, telling the camera: ‘I think this is one of the more enjoyable parts of the job, counting lemurs.’

He wrote on Twitter: ‘No lemurs were hurt in the making of this movie.’



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