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WATCH: Father runs over teacher for blocking school entrance

SURREY: A man has been sent to prison for 10 months after jailed for 10 he knocked down a school teacher and almost hit two children in a fit of road rage.

Rainier Schoeman, 22, drove a short distance with teacher Gareth McCarthy on his bonnet before the teacher fell off.

Winston Churchill School in Woking had written to parents asking them not to drop their children off in the school grounds.

Mr McCarthy was asked to stand at the entrance gates to enforce the rule, but Mr Schoeman refused amid a little bickering.

Prosecutor Charlotte Morrish said that Schoeman and Mr McCarthy had previously had words about the new rules on February 6.

But then on February 20 when the teacher was at the gates again, Schoeman told him ‘Well, unless I see something in writing I’m coming in.’

He then revved his engine before and Mr McCarthy turned away. As he did so, Schoeman edged forward, knocking into the teacher’s legs and causing him to sit on the bonnet.

But then he accelerated through the gates with his partner’s nine-year-old daughter on the back seat, taking Mr McCarthy with him.

He fell off the bonnet of the car, hitting his head on the floor and causing an injury to his head that needed to be glued.

As he was jailed for 10 months, Schoeman was described as a ‘selfish, brutish bully’.



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