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WATCH: How Americans reacted after watching cricket for first time?

KARACHI: People of Pakistan are just crazy about this game, but it is all Greek to American people when they chance upon a cricket match, which is more a Britisher’s game than American’s.

Cricket was introduced in South Asian region by British colonialists some at least more than 60 years ago.

US Consulate General Karachi every now and then tries to introduce its American staff with local flavors like tasting Rooh Afza, a traditional juice, and celebrating Eid. It was turn of online watching ongoing Test match between Pakistan and England in Birmingham today.

Questions started racing in their minds as it was for the first time that these Americans were watching a cricket match.

This is how they reacted to it:

“Does he try to hit the sticks (wickets) or try to hit the guy?,” one of the US Consulate General Karachi officials said. “It really looks like he is trying to hurt that guy,” another commented watching bowler throw the ball towards batsman. “Why do they run like thirty yards before throw that ball?”

These people are more familiar with baseball than cricket. Hearing about duration of a Test match, they were like, whoa, “Five days! Why do they play this game for five days?”

A Test many a times gets finished without resulting in any of the opponents favor. “Five days straight and a tie, that’s wrong, someone has to win after five days,” one of them expressed.

“Look at the big outer field I mean it is just an empty space,” another guy said. “Do the players go home and come back or do they remain throughout on the field (for five days)?”

“I am sorry, I can’t understand a sport that has a tea break,” a quite younger guy exclaimed. “Do they get better after the tea breaks?” a lady apparently an indigenous American queried. “There is nothing just happening in this game,” she pointed out towards slow pace of Test match.

“People (in the stadium) are very quite, watching them go back and forth, until someone actually scores.”

“This is kind of like watching golf,” said an old lady.


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