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WATCH: White tiger pounces on a woman at Russian zoo

In the footage captured at an unnamed zoo thought to be in Russia, the woman can be seen posing for the camera as the big cat slowly stalks behind her.

As the woman turns around the tiger launches itself at her, only to be stopped in its tracks by protective glass at the zoo.


It comes after a lion was filmed charging at a young boy in Japan’s Chiba Zoological park.

Writing under the YouTube clip, Elena N Akasha said: “These beautiful and remarkably intelligent mammals were never meant to be in captivity, much less for our own species’ amusement.




Recently a heart-stopping latest video of a little boy at a zoo in Chiba, Japan went viral in which a little boy was almost ruthlessly attacked by a loin if there was no glass enclosure.


The big cat attempted to pounce on a little boy, but thanks to the glass enclosure that ended up his prey bid foiled.

WATCH: Little boy has terrifying encounter with a lion at zoo

The lunging lion hit the glass and could get to the boy.

chila 1


child 2

The clip begins with the two-year-old boy leaning up against the glass staring at the lion  and when the toddler turns around the animal runs at speeds towards him, only to be slammed in a glass.




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