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Kangana Ranaut speaks up on Zaira Wasim ‘molestation’ case: ‘I would have broken his leg’

Strongly speaking up on the issue of ‘sexual harassment’ encountered by young actress Zaira Wasim mid-flight, Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut came down hard on the ‘harasser’ and said if it was her, she would have badly beaten that guy.


“So, the most people are saying that the foot resting on her arm was an innocent act of taking nap. For me, it’s highly offensive…. like, I would have broken his leg honestly. She (Zaira) has been very kind,” she said.

Wife of Vikas Sachdev, the man accused of molesting Zaira mid-flight, has snubbed the allegation saying that her husband is a family man.

The accused is in police custody and undergoing a trial in court on the harassment issue.

Kangana Ranaut asked people to refrain from judging and holding the subject responsible. She also suggested punishment for sex offenders.

“This is arguable that women and men go through sexual harrasement…. so, (I would suggest) not to jump to conclusion and not to play a judge…. whether it’s media or trolls, however, it unfortunately still continues to happen.

“What we should unanimously do is we must promote the culture of exposing sexual harrasers and sex offenders because I think that’s their only punishment,” she said.

The “Queen” protagonist expressed melancholy over the claim made by witnesses that the accused was an innocent man who just happened to put his foot on the wrist of Zaira Khan and that was the only crime he had committed.

She said if somone would put his foot on her armwrist, it was open to her interpretation not others’.

“Since, it’s in my space so I am going to interpret it whether it’s emotional harrasement or sexual or personal. You and fellow passengers can’t tell me that he is innocent,” she said.

Kangana Ranaut hailed the Dangal actress for stepping up and showing courage ‘unlike quintessential Indian girls’ to expose the culprit.



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