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WATCH: Man fills pool with 6,800 litres of Coca-Cola and takes a bath

The visibly brave man not only spilled 6,800 litre Coca-Cola in the pool – but also a stack of Mento mints and 200 pounds of ice to the mix, before making a dip.

The man bought thousands of Coke bottles and it took many hours of opening and pouring to create ‘magnificent Coca-Cola pool’, as he described it.

Taras Maksimuk is a YouTuber called TechRax known for smashing iPhones in unbelievable ways – including inside a ball of fireworks and wrapped in bacon.



Video courtesy: TechRax


Though he was aware of the Coca-Cola and Mentos experiment results.

Ukrainian Taras, based in California, wrote: “This was epic!

Asked how the bath felt, he replied: “I feel like I’m in a pool of Coke, man.” Bringing the TechRax tech ruin that he loves along, he then flew a DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter into the pool where it was wrecked by Coke.


For your information, when cola is mixed with Mento mints, a process called nucleation occurs, where the carbon dioxide in the fizzy drink reacts with the sugary surface of the mint and each one forms a mini explosion.




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