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WATCH: These martial art experts teach you how to defend against United Airlines staff

The video of United Airlines Staff violently dragging a passenger out of the plane went viral on the social media, drawing backlash towards the airliner for it brutal treatment to a passenger.

The airliner eventually apologized the internet is still to get mum over what happened.  In an amazing video, Ju-Jitsu (a form of martial art) teachers and brothers Ryrion and Rener Gracie have used the United Airlines debacle to show off how one might get free from someone dragging you by your feet.

The Gracies have six techniques ‘for every traveller’.

As they explain:

Drag defences for men, women, and children, whether you’re being dragged through a plane or a dollar general store.

In the final tip, the brothers even show how to knock out your attacker.




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