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WATCH: Pakistani hairdresser uses fire to style hair

BHAWALPUR: A barber from Pakistan’s city of Bhawalpur has taken a haircut method to a whole new level – he sets his clients’ hair on fire to style them… a bit strange…isn’t it?

Well, the hairstylist, Shafqat Rajpur, has become a social media sensation for his bizarre technique of styling people’s hair.

The video, going rounds on the social media and also published by foreign media outlets , managed to stun many online users, prompting them into posting tweets that range from shock to awe.


The clip shows the barber first sprinkling some powder and liquid into his client’s hair and boom, setting it on fire. You can see actual flames. It’s no joke.

He then proceeds to comb out the flaming hair with both hands, eventually putting the fire out. He sets the hair on fire once again in the nearly-two-minutes video and repeats the process.

Somehow, even after all that burning, the length of the hair seems pretty much the same. But the video doesn’t show any different result on the hair after the novel method.

WARNING: Please don’t try this at home




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