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Watch: Peshawar man beats up guard at BRT station when asked to wear mask

PESHAWAR: A video has emerged of a young man beating up a security guard at a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station in Peshawar after being asked to put on a mask.

According to a spokesperson for the BRT, the security guard posted at the entrance to a BRT station asked the youngster with no mask on to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines by wearing one. He got furious and started beating up the guard.

Footage available with ARY News shows the youth getting into a fistfight with the guard after a heated exchange. Later, an unidentified man can be seen jumping in, pounding the youngster with his fists.

The spokesperson said it has been made mandatory for all commuters travelling by BRT buses to wear a mask as per the government-defined SOPs to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.



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