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WATCH: Panic as snake spotted at new Islamabad airport

ISLAMABAD: Ever since the new Islamabad Airport inaugurated earlier this year, it’s making headlines in the mainstream media – but not for the good reasons.

In a rare incident that was reported on Tuesday, a snake surfaced in the apron area of the airport, creating confusion and panic among the on-duty ground staff, a video being shared online showed.

This is the second incident of animal being found inside the airport premises.

Snake new Islamabad Airport

Earlier this month, an IIA airport manager was dismissed by the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) after a video of five stray dogs, wandering outside the airport’s lounge in the basement, went viral.

The snake was spotted on the area where airplanes are parked, loaded, fuelled and boarded. The sudden appearance of the serpent panicked on-duty staff, who scrambled for safety amidst confusion and panic.

On Oct 9, a passenger boarding bridge collapsed at the Islamabad International Airport today, however no serious damage was reported.

According to reports, an unidentified man was injured after the aerobridge collapsed at the airport. It’s not clear whether the man injured in the accident was standing on the boarding bridge or was somewhere around it.

The new Islamabad airport was inaugurated on May 1 this year, after months of delay. The new airport is located 30km away from central Islamabad, and its construction work had started in April 2007.




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