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WATCH: Two kids rescued from rubble in Aleppo

Thousands of Muslims are being butchered around the world in the name of war sometimes directly waged by western countries and the other times they only fuel tension between the already engaged countries.

Call it holocaust, barbarism, one-sided crusade war or genocide, the horrific consequences of the destruction will haunt generations to come, specially children are going to get badly affected of this at large.

One such affected country is Syria where hundreds of buildings have been bombed and uncounted number of people murdered through heavy weaponry used by the Syrian government, Russia, Islamic State and other forces involved in this region.

Heavy weaponry is daily being used against people indiscriminately in this part of the world. Cities are being converted into mounds of rubble. In one such incident two kids were stuck under rubble of a building in Aleppo. The kids were, through timely but protracted effort of rescue teams, rescued and shifted to a hospital.

The children would be thinking if they had hurt somebody, but then they would be asking to themselves that who could it be bombing them while they did not hurt even a kitten ever?



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