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WATCH: ‘Wolverine’ Hugh Jackman faces legendary spinner Shane Warne

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, who is famous for playing the influential character of ‘wolverine’, once went head to head against legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne.

British journalist, Piers Morgan, was covering the showcase encounter and Warne was supposed to bowl an over to fellow Austrlaian Jackman with the challenge that the ‘Wolverine’ will at least hit 21 runs off an over.

Hugh Jackman luckily made 20 runs and batted really well, considering the fact that he is an actor.

The encounter which took place during a segment on a local TV station’s broadcast of the The Ashes Test cricket series in 2010 is going viral again on the social media.

It is pertinent to note here that Hugh Jackman once confessed he dreamed of representing the Australian cricket team long before he wanted an Oscar.




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