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“We won’t shut schools on minor threats,” says Nisar

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Nisar said detractors of National Action Plan must not spread hopelessness.

“There was a time when bomb blasts would take place daily, now it’s been reduced substantially.”

He mentioned that terrorists networks have been dismantled, they are on the run, and now striking softest targets. Answering a question, he said there is no good or bad militant. “All militants are same.”

He said fingers should be pointed towards the militants but “we are politicizing the issue and targeting each other.”

‘Schools won’t be closed anywhere’

The minister said he is strongly opposed to idea of closure of schools.

He said: “I didn’t agree with proposal to close schools, this is exactly what those terrorists want, to shut down schools and hospitals.”

How should media protect itself? Chaudhry Nisar… by arynews

I will take up the issue with Punjab government for their decision to shut down schools in the face of security threats.

He praised the Khyber Pakhtonkhwa government for setting a good example by not closing schools.

Maulana Aziz debate angers the minister

Regarding Maulana Abdul Aziz, he said he would lay facts before the parliament about this debate. He underlined that facts were misinterpreted about the Lal Masjid cleric.

Visibly infuriated minister said lies were rampant nowadays. He took exception to those spreading ‘misinformation’ with his name.

I will bring everything to Senate about Maulana Aziz and will answer every person one by one.

Nisar hits out at Sindh chief minister

Responding to queries that interior minister was not listening to PM or doesn’t visit a certain province, he said when CM Sindh was leaving the meeting with prime minister in Islamabad. I said to him “I may visit Karachi and he responded ‘you are welcome’.”

He accused Mr. Shah of portraying wrong and one-sided aspect of the meeting before media.

“I didn’t visit Sindh as CM Shah wrongly portrayed my statement.”

Without naming anyone, Nisar said some had problems with Dr Asim Hussain’s case, while “others don’t like my face”.

Minister condemns attack on ARY office

During the presser, he said he was shocked that ARY office in Islamabad was attacked in a broad daylight.

I asked authorities concerned that how the ARY office was attacked in such a busy rush hour, he told the press conference.

He said he immediately issued orders for arrest of perpetrators of the ARY office attack.



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