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WATCH: Massive white shark tries to bite through cage with 3 tourists inside

A massive white shark was caught on camera trying to tear its way into a diving cage housing three tourists.

36-year-old Jim Partington, an experienced diver, captured the video during a diving expedition near Guadalupe Island.

The video shows the shark, named Bullet, a fully mature female weighing around two tonnes, exploring the cage with its mouth as the tourist look relaxed throughout the encounter. The animal soon loses interest in the cage and swims off.

“We were running an exclusive Shark Week themed expedition to find, film and dive with the world’s largest Great White sharks,” Jim said.

“We use bait (primarily tuna) which is on our dive permit, typically to attract the sharks. We visit an area where sharks are already naturally hunting, so on many occasions, bait is not even needed as natural curiosity is enough sometimes to attract the sharks attention.”

“In this particular case, no bait was used at the time. The animal was simply curious about us being the visitors in its world.”

He said they have seen this shark a number of times over the years of operating at Guadalupe Island and she has become one of their favourites. “She is one of the largest Great White sharks you are likely to encounter.”

“Only a shark with the size and bold personality of Bullet would have the confidence to try such a thing.”



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