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Police say wife of ex-Indian minister Shashi Tharoor was murdered

According to the inquiry report, Sunanda Pushkar’s death was not an accident; she was rather poisoned to death. Police have also registered a case regarding the ‘murder’ of the wife of the Congress MP, who was found dead inside a hotel room under mysterious circumstances on January 17, last year.

Indian police on Tuesday claimed that the culprit behind Sunanda’s murder will soon be arrested.

Here it is pertinent to note that doctors had declared Mrs. Pushkar’s death as ‘suspicious’.

Shashi Tharoor in a statement on Tuesday said that he is anxious to see that this case is investigated thoroughly and that a comprehensive probe should be held to bring out the truth.

He also stated that he never thought of any foul play in the death of his wife.

It is mandatory to note that the vicious Indian media soon after Mrs Pushkar’s death had kicked off a defamatory campaign against a Pakistani journalist, Mehr Tarar, excessively reporting her alleged terms with MP Shashi Tharoor and linking her with the murder of his wife.

Indian media had greatly exaggerated reports about the trio – Sunanda, Shashi and Mehr Tarar – and had tried to declare that the MP’s terms with the Pakistani journalist actually led to his wife’s death.



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