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Wildlife officials arrest three in Thar for illegal hunting

UMARKOT: Sindh Wildlife Department officials in two raids arrested three people involved in illegal hunt of birds and recovered six hunted quails from their possession, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The wildlife officials conducted first raid in Nabisar town of Thar and recovered six hunted quails, and captured a four-wheel vehicle from three accused while two others fled from the scene.

The department has filed case against five accused under the Sindh Wildlife Act.

The accused said to be the staff members of a construction company working at the Thar Coal Project including manager of the company.

Wildlife department officials in another raid at a jeep at Ranthor road arrested two persons and recovered two calves of deer from their possession.

The kids of deer were being smuggled to Hyderabad from Thar.

Wildlife officials have registered a case against two accused.

The deer have reached near extinction in Thar due to large scale hunt of the animal and smuggling of its fawns, experts said.

It is pertinent to mention here that climate change and uncontrolled hunting of several rare species have also forced the migratory birds — known as guest birds — to look for other peaceful sites in South Asia in recent years.



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